moreMomentum works with manufacturers that accelerate business innovation and thrive in a disruptive world.


They experience fluid change, beyond business as usual and have more opportunities to pursue.

moreMomentum is an international consulting and training company for medium-sized and larger discrete manrufacturers.

We specialize in bespoke accelerator programmes which lead to new practices and mindsets for continuous change and innovation.

Our Services

Advisory and Coaching

Customer Centric Innovation

Spend valuable time with one of our experts on innovation, digitalisation, servitization and change. To enrich insights, validate your idea’s and to have candid feedback on your strategy.

Simple, short, no-strings-attached.

Masterclasses and Presentations

Research Report Adapt or Die

Boost your team with inspiration, actionable insights and practical tools and see them bringing innovation and change to the next level.

From small groups up-to an audience of 200+.

Innovation Accelerators

Upcoming book Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing

Apply our proven 8-step approach to mobilise your teams and accelerate innovation and change.

Depending on the scope, complexity current state, from 2 -12 months

Join one of our Open Impulse Session

A couple of times a year, we organise Impulse Sessions of different topics. These are highly interactive meetings with experts and like-minded peers, during  which we have a few deep-dive into challenging topics. We do not only cover the “what” (servitization, digital services, disruption), but also the “how” (typical challenges and obstacles and how to overcome these).

How to Monetise Service and Data

Due to new (data) technology and customer expectations, business models and core business will shift. Manufacturers will develop and grow service and data capabilities with new, expanding teams. We will exchange good practices to generate additional revenue-streams.

How to Navigate Disruption

From digitalisation to sustainability, new business models to low cost entrants and commoditisation, we will addresses the impact and consequences of disruption in its many forms and explores the key focus areas and tactics for tackling  the important challenges that organisations need to face to succeed in a disruptive world.

How to Develop a Digital Mindset

Most manufacturing companies have a dominant product-technology mindset. In todays digitalising world, we need to embed a digital mindset from the board room to experts in the field to make sure the digital transformation will truely take place. We will address the different phases of building a digital mindset and strategies to move to the next level.

Most Influ

Field Service News has recognised Jan van Veen as one 20 most influential people in field service

“Van Veen is now working under his own brand and is currently developing a framework for companies to be able to develop continuous momentum based on a series of detailed benchmarking and researching projects. A broad and ambitious project, but Van Veen has the background and insight to be able to deliver what should be highly powerful business tool.”

Field Service News

Free Discovery Session

Find out how you can increase momentum for innovation and change to navigate disruption in your industry.

A personal session with our founder - Jan van Veen, who is business transformation expert and recognised as one of the Top 20 Influencers in Service by FieldServiceNews


moreMomentum is an international advisory and training firm. We are specialised in working with manufacturers that are looking for quicker and more radical business innovation to thrive in today’s disruptive world.

Our mission is to enable manufacturers to strengthen their position as the backbone of our economies.