Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

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Engage your colleagues to
build momentum for growing 
digital services
and repeatable innovation capabilities.

Growing digital services

Repeatable innovation capabilities

Service & Innovation mindset

Confident and eager teams

DO NOT Dismiss your teams

And see momentum drop


  • Confusion of your teams about objectives, what to do and how to do it.
  • Unnecessary trial-and-error.
  • Jeopardising your business with high risk and failing service innovation.

And it should not be like this

We believe it is dead-wrong if manufacturers cannot benefit from today’s opportunities and thrive!

Every services innovation team should be able to rely on their repeatable innovation capabilities and drive continuous – high pace innovation.

Boost Digital Service innovation through

repeatable Service innovation Capabilities

  • Adopt existing and new best practices.
  • Close the knowing-doing gap.
  • Follow proven approaches: the right thing at the right time, by the right people.
  • Engage your teams.
  • Let your teams grow their confidence.
    Leaving others wondering how you did it!

    Example topics for your workshops

    Customer Insight

    Radical innovation

    Advanced Services

    Market Disruption

    Strategy and Roadmap

    Lean innovation

    Digital Services

    Service Mission

    Monitise Service & Data


    advanced sales

    Strategic commitment

    How Our WOrkshops can Help your teams thrive


    Catalysing keynote

    Community Impulse Sessions

    • Inspire and inform your colleagues.
    • Include an enticing call-to-action.
    • 15-60 minutes.
    • Live or online.

    Single workshop

    Community Update Webinars=

    • Transfer relevant best practices.
    • Active learning mode.
    • Generate, select and plan ideas to act.
    • Live or online.
    • 2 full days of 2 half-days.

    Accelerator programme

    1-to-1 advisory sessions

    • Bespoke programme of workshops.
    • Driving service growth and repeatable innovation capabilities.

    Key note presentations

    Jan van Veen frequently gives key note presentations at public conferences or company-seminars.

    He talks about the:

    • Major trends in manufacturing industries
      (for example, servitization, ecosystems, digitalisation).
    • Challenges to adapt and navigate disruption
      (escape business-as-usual, recognise signals for disruption, fluid and energising change).
    • Best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.


    More and more manufacturers are growing their digital services. This requires strong and repeatable business innovation capabilities.

    With our community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.

    Services innovation enables manufacturers to thrive and solve our global problems.