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Service Momentum Community for Manufacturers

Join the network of like-minded peers of Service Leaders and Innovators

  • Boost the service innovation in your business
  • Boost your professional development
  • Share you experience, insights and practices


Activities of the Service Momentum Community

Live and Interactive Impulse Session

Community Impulse Sessions

During 1-day interactive meetings in small peer groups of 8-12 participants we will have deep-dive discussions as well as presentations from experts and peers. You will cover concepts, strategies, how to execute and the obstacles to overcome.

During the preparations, we will discuss with each participants the specific questions and challenges to be discussed.

After the meeting, you will receive a summary report.

You can join upto 1 meeting per quarter.


Interactive Update Webinars

Community Update Webinars=

After each Impulse Session, you will return with great insights and inspiration and – just like your peers – work on bringing them alive in your service strategy and innovation. 

In between the Impulse Sessions you can join 1-hour interactive update webinars to update each other on progress, obstacles and strategies. You can get advice from your peers and moderators by raising a question or topic beforehand. 

We will organise 2 interactive update webinars per quarter.

1-to-1 sessions with the experts

1-to-1 advisory sessions

For some topics you require a bit more confidentiality or more intensive soundboarding with one of our experts.

For this, you can optionally schedule 1 full hour with our experts for advisory, sound-boarding, stress-testing and coaching. The expert will prepare this session based on information and questions you send beforehand.

We will schedule a 1-to-1 session for every second month.


Each peer group of 8-12 participants agrees on the topic for upcoming Impulse Sessions. We as moderators will further discuss challenges, questions and wishes to further prepare the agenda and invite participants to prepare a presentation.

Typically, we will cover topics on the following domains:

Service Culture & Mindset

Strategic Service Roadmap


Radical Innovation & Disruption

Service Sales & Marketing

Monetising Services and Data

Business Model Innovation

Servitization on Strategic Agenda

Insights in Customer Problems & Needs

Digital Culture & Mindset

Developing Digital Services

Innovation and Change Culture

Advanced & Outcome Based Services

We always talk a lot about customers. And still many of us struggle to articulate and quantify the value we offer to customers. We often tend to forget this and focus on the value of our offerings for our own company.

During the impulse session we had in-depth exchange of experience and practices to better monetise services and data.

Mark van der Wolf

Director Services and Projects, Moba Group

We had focussed discussions and inspiring presentations, also from colleagues from other companies.

Every time again it is suprising how much you learn from peers in other industries.

Ton van den Ham

Director Operations (Engineering & Service), Yokogawa Europe Solutions

Join the network of like-minded peers of Service Leaders and Innovators

  • Boost the service innovation in your business
  • Boost your professional development
  • Share you experience, insights and practices



Like-minded peers from various industries share insights and experience, learn from each other and form a invaluable network.

Most participants are manufacturers of captical equipment, machinery or intruments in a B2B sector in industries like:

Professional Print

Metal Working


Material Handling



Food processing


Oil & Gas



Process Industry

Access Management

Frequenty Asked Questions

Who should join?

Service leaders and service innovators from manufacturing companies, who

  • are committed to accelerate service innovation
  • want to advance their services
  • are willing to share experiences, challenges and practices
  • see value from a peer-group with similar objectives and aspirations 

The maturity of the service business and innovation capabilities are by no means criteria. We will bring participants with similair types of service business, aspirations and challenges together.


Where are the meetings held?

In case participants are fromvarious countries, the Impulse Sessions will be held at or close to major airports in Europe.

In case a most participants work/live in same area/country, the Impulse Session will be held in a comfortable venue in that area/country.

In either case, the location will be discussed and agreed with the group.

When are the meetings held? How will they be scheduled?

Impulse Sessions take place every quarter and will be scheduled at least 6 months ahead. Before fixing dates, we will capture your availability first, so we can pick the best dates.

Can the 1-to-1 consultation sessions be face2face?

By default, the 1-to-1 consultations sessions will be done via GotoWebinar, so we can share webcam and screen.

If you wish, we can plan a face-2-face meeting at our location or yours. In case we have the meeting at your venue, we will charge the extra travel cost and time. 

Sometimes, there is an opportunity to combine the meeting with another meeting.

Will I meet peers with comparable challenges?

Yes. Peer groups with a too wide spread of interest, situation and aspirations are not very effective.

When you apply for joining the community, we will have an intake-interview to assess your business, situation and challenges so we can include you in the right peer-group. 

At any time – as circumstance evolve – we can review and assign you to another groep.

How much Impulse Sessions should I join?

Ideally, you join all 4 impulse sessions each year. However, most participants join 2-3 Impulse Sessions per year.

You will receive the summary report of each session of your group, also when you were not able to participate.

Can I take colleagues with me to the Impulse Sessions?

Yes, we encourage you to do so, however, not more than one colleague. We have to keep in mind that the groups are only 8-12 people/companies.

You can take a membership with more than one seat per session. 

Alternatively, you can also take a colleague along on for a single Impulse Session. The fee for a single impulse session for your colleague is €350

Can I transfer my seat to my colleague?

Yes, you are flexible to have a colleage joining an Impulse Session on your behalf. Please take into account that your colleague does fit in and can contribute to your peers in the group. 

Please inform us as soon as possible.

What is the pricing for joining the Momentum Community?

That depends. The fees (ex. VAT) per quarter per person of the same company are:

Option 1 person 2 persons 3+ persons
Membership of the community (1 Impulse Session, 2 webinars per quarter) € 425 € 350 € 300
               if paid per year € 375 € 300 € 250
Membership plus bi-monthly 1-to-1 consultation sessions € 1,050 € 875 € 750
               if paid per year € 925 € 800 € 700








How can I register or subscribe?

If you are interested in joining, please let us know via this form. We will contact you shortly to discuss your situation, wishes and the possibilities.

After that you can subscribe per quarter or per year as you wish.

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