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Momentum Community for Manufacturers

At moreMomentum, we have many different modules and steps to support manufacturers with their strategies.
Depending upon your specific circumstances, you can define your own next steps and engage with us to support you at the right stages in your journey.

Momentum Asssessment

Get your initiatives to innovate and drive change back on track and accelerate them.
Prevent derailment with an agreed action.

Shared Concern with Sponsors

Increase interest from your sponsors and get more space and support to work on important initiatives.

Same Page with Stakeholders

Gain critical mass with key stakeholders. Boost progress and results of key initiatives with all working towards a common purpose and shared vision.

Rising Starts in your Team

Build a strong core and extended team of eager, capable and influential change leaders, who drive progress and results. Let them gradually more colleagues join in.

Shifting Frames and Boxes

Enable your teams to be more open to new domains and follow new innovation practices. Let them build a stronger portfolio of innovation initiatives.

"Yes" to Radical Opportunities

Ensure your more radical innovation initiatives get the required  priorities and resources. Prevent your initiatives get abandoned in early stage before results were delivered.

Turn the Tanker

Scale and accelerate the innovations and change throughout the organization.
Execute your key initiatives and implement the change across the business to deliver good results.

Keep the Speed Boats Going

Enable early-stage innovations and ventures to flourish and prove their success without suffocating them by your current operating model and organisation.

Free Discovery Session

Find out how you can increase momentum for innovation and change to navigate disruption in your industry.

A personal session with our founder - Jan van Veen, who is a business transformation expert and recognised as one of the top 20 Influencers in service by FieldServiceNews


moreMomentum is an international advisory and training firm. We specialise in working with manufacturers who are looking for quicker and more radical business innovation to thrive in today’s disruptive world.

Our mission is to enable manufacturers to strengthen their position as the backbone of our economy.