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Momentum Community for Manufacturers

Momentum Community for Manufacturers

Join the network of like-minded Innovation Leaders

If you are;

  • a Chief Innovation Officer
  • a VP of Strategy
  • a Chief Digital Officer
  • a Chief Technology Officer
  • a Chief Entrepreneurial Officer
  • a Head of R&D
  • a Head of Service Innovation
  • a Head of corporate start-up
  • a Head of competence centres
  • or have a similar role

And dedicated to establishing modern innovative strategies, practices and competencies for the businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly transforming industries. 

    You will

    • Leverage existing knowledge, experiences and challenges
    • Gain action-oriented insights for impact
    • Expand your network
    • Boost your personal development

    Activities of the Service Momentum Community

    Live and Interactive Meetings

    Community Impulse Sessions

    During 1-day interactive meetings in small peer groups of 8-12 participants we will have deep-dive discussions as well as presentations from experts and peers. You will cover concepts, strategies, how to execute and the obstacles to overcome.

    During the preparations, we will discuss with each participants the specific questions and challenges to be discussed.

    After the meeting, you will receive a summary report.

    You can join upto 1 meeting per quarter.


    Interactive Update Webinars

    Community Update Webinars=

    After each live meeting, you will return with great insights and inspiration and – just like your peers – work on bringing them alive in your service strategy and innovation. 

    In between the meetings you can join 1-hour interactive update webinars to update each other on progress, results, obstacles and strategies. You can get advice from your peers and moderators by raising a question or topic beforehand. 

    You can join 2 interactive update webinars per quarter.

    1-to-1 sessions with the experts

    1-to-1 advisory sessions

    For some topics you may need more confidentiality or more intensive soundboarding with one of our experts.

    For this, you can schedule a full hour 1-to-1 consultation session with our experts for advisory, sound-boarding, stress-testing or coaching. The expert will prepare this session based on information and questions you send beforehand.

    You can schedule a 1-to-1 session every second month.


    Each peer group of 8-12 participants agrees on the topic for upcoming meeting. We as moderators will further discuss challenges, questions and wishes to further prepare the agenda and invite participants to prepare a presentation.

    Typically, we will cover topics on the following domains:

    Today’s business vs. Future Business

    Future business models

    New eco-systems and partnerships

    Strategic alignment with all stakeholders

    Thought leadership
    & Profile

    Technology leadership

    Innovation leadership & culture

    recognizing weak signals


    more collaboration and Avoiding silos

    Outside in and customer focus

    Developing New leadership skills

    Embedding social responsibility

    Members of the MOREMomentum Community include

    Direct Digital Manufacturing

    3D Systems creates product concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns for tooling, as well as production parts for direct digital manufacturing, like 3D printers.

    Bringing in a new era in healthcare

    BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. 


    Bollegraaf Recyclying Solutions develops and manufactures recycling and sorting systems that take care of the environment, improve people’s quality of life and health through meaningful innovation and the sustainable use of our planet’s limited resources. 

    Our energy - Your power

    With its solutions Bredenoord provides energy for a successful and powerful entrepreneurship. Especially in those places where energy is not always certain and obvious.

    Over a century of engineering excellence

    Our core focus is on providing quality solutions from air and gas handling for sectors like mine ventilation and waste water treatment to heating and cooling.

    Exceed all Expectations

    Kardex Remstar is one of the world's leading suppliers of automated storage and retrieval solutions. Our products are designed to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your working practices.

    Not just lifting things, but entire businesses.

    Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Regardless of your lifting needs, Konecranes is committed to providing you with lifting equipment and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.

    Advancing food processing

    Marel is the leading global provider of advanced processing systems and services to the Poultry, Meat and Fish industries.


    Moba is the leading manufacturer of grading, packing and processing equipment in the egg industry.

    We always talk a lot about customers. And still many of us struggle to articulate and quantify the value we offer to customers. We often tend to forget this and focus on the value of our offerings for our own company.

    During the impulse session we had in-depth exchange of experience and practices to better monetise services and data.

    Mark van der Wolf

    Director Services and Projects, Moba Group

    We had focussed discussions and inspiring presentations, also from colleagues from other companies.

    Every time again it is suprising how much you learn from peers in other industries.

    Ton van den Ham

    Director Operations (Engineering & Service), Yokogawa Europe Solutions


    Establishing modern innovative strategies, practices and competencies for your business to thrive in today’s rapidly transforming industries. 

    You will

    • Leverage existing knowledge, experiences and challenges
    • Gain action-oriented insights for impact
    • Expand your network
    • Boost your personal development


    Like-minded peers from various industries share insights and experience, learn from each other and form a invaluable network.

    Most participants are manufacturers of captical equipment, machinery or intruments in a B2B sector in industries like:

    Professional Print

    Metal Working


    Material Handling



    Food processing


    Oil & Gas



    Process Industry

    Access Management

    Join the Innovation Leaders’ Circle of the
    Momentum Community for Manufacturers

    Sign-up via one of the options below an pay by credit-card.
    In case you prefer to pay by bank transfer, sign-up via this form instead, and we will take your onboarding process from there.

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    Who should join?
    • Chief Innovation Officers
    • VP’s of Strategy
    • Chief Digital Officers
    • Chief Technology Officers
    • Chief Entrepreneurial Officers
    • Heads of R&D
    • Heads of Service Innovation
    • Heads of corporate start-up
    • Heads of competence centres
    • or have a similar role

    of manufacturers, who

    • are dedicated to establishing modern innovative strategies, practices and competencies for the businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly transforming industries
    • are willing to share experiences, challenges and practices
    • see value from a peer-group with similar objectives and aspirations



    Where are the meetings held?

    In case participants are from various countries, the meetings will be held at or close to major airports in Europe.

    In case a most participants work/live in same area/country, the meetings will be held in a comfortable venue in that area/country.

    In either case, the location will be discussed and agreed with the group.

    When are the meetings held? How will they be scheduled?

    The meetings take place every quarter and will be scheduled at least 6 months ahead. Before fixing dates, we will capture your availability first, so we can pick the best dates.

    Can the 1-to-1 consultation sessions be face2face?

    By default, the 1-to-1 consultations sessions will be done via GotoWebinar, so we can share webcam and screen.

    If you wish, we can plan a face-2-face meeting at our location or yours. In case we have the meeting at your venue, we will charge the extra travel cost and time. 

    Sometimes, there is an opportunity to combine the meeting with another meeting.

    Will I meet peers with comparable challenges?

    Yes. Peer groups with a too wide spread of interest, situation and aspirations are not very effective.

    When you apply for joining the community, we will have an intake-interview to assess your business, situation and challenges so we can include you in the right peer-group. 

    At any time – as circumstance evolve – we can review and assign you to another groep.

    How much meetings should I join?

    The meetings will take place every quarter. Ideally, you join all 4 each year. However, in practice, most participants join 2-3 meetings per year.

    You will receive the summary report of each session of your group, also in case you were not able to participate.

    Can I take colleagues with me to the quaerterly meetings?

    Yes, we encourage you to do so, however, not more than one colleague. We have to keep in mind that the groups are only 8-12 people/companies.

    You can also take a membership with more than one seat per session.

    Alternatively, you can also take a colleague along on for a single Impulse Session. The fee for a single impulse session for your colleague is €350

    Can I transfer my seat to my colleague?

    Yes, you are flexible to have a colleage joining a a quarterly meeting on your behalf. Please take into account that your colleague does fit in and can contribute to your peers in the group.

    Please inform us as soon as possible.

    How can I register or subscribe?

    If you are interested in joining, please let us know via this form. We will contact you shortly to discuss your situation, wishes and the possibilities.

    After that you can subscribe per quarter or per year as you wish.

    Thrive during disruptive change


    Many manufacturers struggle to escape from business-as-usual. They fall behind competition and lose from new entrants in their industries. This is pretty frustrating.

    moreMomentum has a methodology that helps manufacturers to transform the way they innovate and change so they will thrive during disruptive change.