Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

Services | Advisory

Boost your services innovation with
strategic and tactical insights from our experts.


Know you are doing the right thing in the right way!

Build strategic commitment

Stay ahead of the game

Lead your changing industry

Validate vision and strategy

DON’T Miss the bend

And lose confidence of your stakeholders and teams.


  • Mis-alignment of your stakeholders.
  • Unnecessary trial-and-error.
  • Consufision between theory and strategy.

We hear and read a lot about servitization, advanced services and radical innovation. Mostly these are general frameworks and theories.

The challenge is to select the right ones and translate them into concrete visions and strategies for your business. Otherwise, they will only lead to hypes, confusion and sceptism.


On-demand advisory

  • Scheduled call or visit.
  • Specific question or topic.
  • Well prepared.
  • 1-4 hours.

Advisory programme

  • Periodical advisory or coaching calls with you and/or your teams.
  • Aligned with your service innovation programme.
  • Providing external insights, feed-back and stress-testing.
  • Pre-defined schedule of calls or visits.
  • Pre-defined role(s) of expert.

Steering committee

  • Have an expert on digital services and radical innovation in your steering committee.
  • Have an outsider trigger new dynamics and discussions.
  • Bring in a challenger for your steering committee and innovation teams.


More and more manufacturers are growing their digital services. This requires strong and repeatable business innovation capabilities.

With our community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.

Services innovation enables manufacturers to thrive and solve our global problems.