Transform how you innovate & thrive during disruption


At your service

We help to create an environment for successful innovation and change in your organisation by developing shared objectives and aspirations.

Best Practices

Masterclasses and content on best practices for servitisation, digital transformation, disruption, business innovation, change and momentum.

Peer group

Exchange of experience, insights and inspiration with likeminded peers, driving maximum impact together.


Regular online and live sessions with peers and experts to stress test results and maintain motivation and momentum.


Unbiased stresstesting, practical and stepbystep assignments, templates, job aids, instructions, case studies and elearning modules.

How we can support you


Upcoming book Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing

Learn, share and engage with your expanded network of like-minded peers to boost business innovation in your company and to boost your professional growth.

Join quarterly exchange meetings, webinars and 1-to-1 consultation sessions


Research Report Adapt or Die

Boost your team with inspiration, actionable insights and practical tools and see them bringing innovation and change to the next level.

From small groups up to an audience of 200+.


Upcoming book Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing

Apply our proven 9-step Momentum Method to mobilise your teams and accelerate innovation and change.

Depending on the scope, complexity and current state, from 2 -12 months

Thrive during disruptive change


Many manufacturers struggle to escape from business-as-usual. They fall behind competition and lose from new entrants in their industries. This is pretty frustrating.

moreMomentum has a methodology that helps manufacturers to transform the way they innovate and change so they will thrive during disruptive change.