Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

Thrive during disruption by growing new digital services

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Toolkits and eBooks

Worksheet: Service Innovation Experiments

Service Innovation Experiments

Test critical assumptions to accelerate your service innovations without jeopardising the business or the engagement of stakeholders

The innovative and dynamic industry leaders set themselves apart through their strong focus on continuously testing critical assumptions from the at very early stages of the development process onwards. Only when all critical assumptions have been validated, they will start increasing investment levels and put any stakes in the ground for the launch.

Innovate more effectively and with less risk at the same time

Ebook - How To Thrive in a Disruptive World

eBook How to Thrive in a Disruptive World

Many manufacturers may not be able to disrupt, but certainly can thrive in a disruptive world.

In the manufacturing sector, a popular topic is the potential disruption, driven by new technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things and augmented reality, changing expectations and needs of customers and new entrants into the industry.

And the potentially disruptive new value offerings, operating models and business models which could emerge. As manufacturers, we run the risk of missing the boat and being pushed down in the food chain by system integrators and data-companies. 

Job Aid - Experiment Learning Card

Job Aid Experiment Learning Card

Boost your learning and lean development of for example new processes, services, marketing and sales techniques.
We hear more and more about Fail Fast, Learn Fast etcetera. The point is learning from failures is no fun and is relatively slow.
It is much more productive and efficient to setup targeted experiments to test critical assumptions and questions related to the success of your envisioned processes, approaches or services.
This job-aid will help to easily become more goal-oriented in your experiments and boost success quicker in a much more engaging and enjoyable way.

Worksheet: 7 Steps to Your Momentum Action Plan

Report Adapt or Die

Boost Momentum for easier and quicker change in 6 months

Take a step back and review your company’s current momentum for fluid and continuous change.

These practical worksheets will take you through 7 steps to define your Momentum Action Plan for the next 6 months.


More and more manufacturers are growing their digital services. This requires strong and repeatable business innovation capabilities.

With our community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.

Services innovation enables manufacturers to thrive and solve our global problems.