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How to Monetise Services and Data

How to Monetise Services and Data

Assess the ability of your business to monetise new services and data-driven solutions

Today, manufacturers – more than ever before – need a high pace of developing new solutions and offerings to leverage new technologies and grow new revenue streams.

However, too often we see customers not appreciating the added value, not willing to pay and the manufacturer not getting being able to capture the value the deliver to their clients.

As a result, cost only go up with no return on investment.

How to Navigate Disruption

How to Navigate Disruption

Assess how effectively your business navigates disruption to thrive in our disruptive world.

Disruption in the manufacturing industry comes in many forms and many leaders are experiencing pressure on performance. The big question is how do you anticipate change, act early and navigate the disruptive challenges to pursue the new opportunities?

This scorecard helps you assess the key focus areas and tactics for tackling the important challenges that your organisation needs to face to succeed in a disruptive world.

Thrive during disruptive change


Many manufacturers struggle to escape from business-as-usual. They fall behind competition and lose from new entrants in their industries. This is pretty frustrating.

moreMomentum has a methodology that helps manufacturers to transform the way they innovate and change so they will thrive during disruptive change.