Transform how you innovate & thrive during disruption

Transform how you innovate & thrive during disruption

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Book: "Customer Centric Innovation"

Customer Centric Innovation

2015 – From engagements and discussions with many companies in many industries, it became quite clear that increasing growth rates is one of their top priorities. Jan van Veen and his colleagues at Noventum conducted research into key drivers for profitable growth. A service business with advanced services and integrated solutions is recognized to be THE critical success factor for overall corporate revenue growth, profit and long term customer loyalty.

Research Report "Adapt or Die"

Research Report Adapt or Die

2017 – In 2016 we investigated, together with 89 manufacturing and technology companies, how to drive momentum for continuous and swift business innovation and change.

This report “Adapt or Die” describes the findings of this research and the winning habits of the leading manufacturers.



Upcoming Book: "Navigate Disruption"

Upcoming book Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing

October 2020 – Following our research in 2016, we further developed the framework of winning habits to drive momentum for continuous and more radical innovation to thrive during disruptive times.

This book will describe how to apply different strategies for different types of innovation, pushing the frontiers, shifting the business model  and how to apply the 5 Momentum Habits for each type of innovation.

Thrive during disruptive change


Many manufacturers struggle to escape from business-as-usual. They fall behind competition and lose from new entrants in their industries. This is pretty frustrating.

moreMomentum has a methodology that helps manufacturers to transform the way they innovate and change so they will thrive during disruptive change.