Report "Adapt or Die"

Learn from 89 manufacturing companies, how to accelerate business innovation and change.

Many manufacturing companies see their initiatives and business innovation - like services, Internet of Things, Digitalization -  stagnate and fall behind competition. A common response is throwing in more strategy, communication, targets and incentives. However, the expected results are not achieved.

This inspired Jan van Veen to explore what sets the leading and fast moving companies apart from those that stagnate.

In 2016 we investigated, together with 89 manufacturing and technology companies, how to drive momentum for continuous and swift business innovation and change.

This report "Adapt or Die" describes the findings of this research and the winning habits of the leading manufacturers.

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Everyone shares a clear and succinct picture of changes in the industry, where the company is heading and what needs to change over the coming years. They all understand how they can contribute to the change, and ultimately, fit in.


Across all teams and levels there is a constructive and forward-looking dialogue on performance, progress, priorities and aligned actions. Everyone feels secure and confident to adapt and try new approaches.


Everyone has the power to make decisions within their role, to adjust, perform and improve. There are adequate guiding principles to ensure coherence and alignment of all decisions.


Everyone is aware of (potential) trends, opportunities and threats and the best practices available. They spend time in exploring, testing and learning. There is more focus on new things which go beyond the current core business, which is imperative for future success.