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Accelerate business innovation and change

Manufacturing companies face major trends and changes. They lead to new opportunities and challenges like commoditization of their products and services, competition from emerging markets, digitalization of operations, changing business models and value propositions.

We cover these challenges in our Momentum Impulse Sessions, each with a specific theme:

  • How to thrive in a disruptive world?
    • What is disruption exactly?
    • What needs to change in your business?
    • How to accelerate change and execution?
  • How to monetize services?
    • What jobs could your customers do better and more easily?
    • How to articulate your value?
    • How to handle conflict of interest?
  • How to engage internal and external stakeholders?
    • What to expect from engaged stakeholders? Why do you need engagement?
    • How to establish a shared concern for a bigger game?
    • How to increase the engagement step-by-step?

Join us and your peers in our Momentum Impulse Sessions

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4 Winning Habits of the most dynamic and forward moving  manufacturers

We see that many manufacturers, in their endeavours to drive their services, digitalization and competitive power, encounter 3 key problems which cause them to fall behind competition.
  • Change is going too slow, whether it is small or radical change, there seems to be a lot of energy getting lost in resistance and fighting resistance
  • Little innovation beyond incremental improvement of the status quo
  • Lack of influence to successfully counteract these challenges

During the full day peer-exchange, we will discuss the 4 winning habits - described below - for continuous and easy business innovation and change:
  • What are the root causes for resistance against change and how to prevent them
  • How these 4 winning habits accelerate innovation and continuous improvement beyond the incremental improvements of the status quo
  • Concrete examples of successful application of these 4 winning habits
  • How to get started with deploying the 4 winning habits to become more influential towards your teams and other stakeholders


Everyone shares a clear and succinct picture of changes in the industry, where the company is heading and what needs to change over the coming years. They all understand how they can contribute to the change, and ultimately, fit in.


Across all teams and levels there is a constructive and forward-looking dialogue on performance, progress, priorities and aligned actions. Everyone feels secure and confident to adapt and try new approaches.


Everyone has the power to make decisions within their role, to adjust, perform and improve. There are adequate guiding principles to ensure coherence and alignment of all decisions.


Everyone is aware of (potential) trends, opportunities and threats and the best practices available. They spend time in exploring, testing and learning. There is more focus on new things which go beyond the current core business, which is imperative for future success.

This session helped me to get a clear picture on how to prevent resistance and have more success with our initiativesParticipant at Momentum Impulse Session

You know, there is so much information about change management, I’s hard to see the wall instead of only the bricks. Today helped me to know what we should focus onParticipant at Momentum Impulse Session

I like the concept of 4 winning habits which focusses on empowering people to make the change happenParticipant at Momentum Impulse Session

Your benefits:

  • Know the 4 winning habits to make continuous business innovation change easy and quick
  • Recognize key obstacles and typical pitfalls for change and success of your business challenges
  • Identify your potential improvement of having more momentum for change
  • Define your strategic priorities to accelerate business innovation and change and maximise chances for success

Upcoming sessions - Book your seat now

The following sessions are filling up now.

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Sessions we will be planning soon

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