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Disruption in the manufacturing industry comes in many forms and many leaders are experiencing pressure on performance, but the big question is how do you anticipate change, act early and navigate the disruptive challenges to turn threats into opportunities?

From digitalisation to sustainability, new business models to low cost entrants and commoditisation, this strategic workshop addresses the impact and consequences of disruption in its many forms and explores the key focus areas and tactics for tackling  the important challenges that organisations need to face to succeed in a disruptive world.

In partnership with the University of Cambridge and Institute for Manufacturing, we are holding a Strategic Workshop on “How to navigate disruption to drive innovation and opportunities for growth” specifically tailored for senior leaders in the manufacturing industry.

During a full day – interactive session with like minded peers and experts, we will help you to recognise the changing dynamics in your industry and step out of ‘business as usual’ to address 3 critical success factors in navigating disruption in your business:

  1. Understanding what disruption is and where to expect it.

  2. How to explore the changing relationships in your industry and exploit them to identify and select the most viable innovations.

  3. How to increase momentum for rapid and fluid change and continuous execution in your business

With expert support from moreMomentum and IfM, we will explore forces within your organisation that drive trends, threats and opportunities, identify potential solutions and business models, develop techniques to drive engagement from key stakeholders and accelerate implementation of change strategies.

If you are a senior leader in the manufacturing sector experiencing pressure on growth, revenue and margins, with disruption from trends including new business models, digital transformation and commoditisation, then you should attend this workshop to identify and select innovations to drive growth and future success in your business.

For more information, please take a look at our flyer below.

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Free Discovery Session

Find out how you can increase momentum for innovation and change to navigate disruption in your industry.

A personal session with our founder - Jan van Veen, who is a business transformation expert and recognised as one of the top 20 Influencers in service by FieldServiceNews


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