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A couple of times a year, we organise Impulse Sessions of different topics. These are highly interactive meetings with experts and like-minded peers, during  which we have a few deep-dive into challenging topics. We do not only cover the “what” (servitization, digital services, disruption), but also the “how” (typical challenges and obstacles and how to overcome these).

Monetise Service

During a full day – interactive session with like minded peers and experts, we will cover:

  • How to solve bigger customer problems
    This is all about creating significantly more value for customers by solving customer problems in a new way or solving other customer problems, without falling into the “commodity trap”.
  • How to articulate the value
    Delivering value to customers does not automatically also capture the value – that is, monetise the value delivered. If the delivered value is not clearly articulated for clients (and staff), both will take it for granted or maybe even not recognise it.
  • How to build internal momentum for monetisation
    How to prevent resistance and internal conflicts of interest to truly identify the customer needs, build adequate solutions and services, articulate and sell the value at a price and have everyone in your business actively support this.

Navigate Disruption

Co-hosted with the University of Cambridge

During a full day – interactive session with like minded peers and experts, we will help you to recognise the changing dynamics in your industry and step out of ‘business as usual’ to address 3 critical success factors in navigating disruption in your business:

  • Understanding what disruption is and when/where to expect it
  • How to explore the changing relationships in your industry and exploit them to identify and select the most viable innovations
  • How to increase momentum for rapid and fluid change and continuous execution in your business

Free Discovery Session

Find out how you can increase momentum for innovation and change to navigate disruption in your industry.

A personal session with our founder - Jan van Veen, who is a business transformation expert and recognised as one of the top 20 Influencers in service by FieldServiceNews


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Our mission is to enable manufacturers to strengthen their position as the backbone of our economy.