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  • Looking for new growth opportunities in a rapidly changing world
  • Concerned about the changing ecosystems and competitive landscape
  • Believing that building a dynamic, open and  adaptive organisation is mission-critical

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It is a great time to be in manufacturing, for several reasons:

  • Manufacturing is the backbone of our economies and should be recognised more as such
  • Manufacturing is solving many of today’s global challenges in energy, healthcare, poverty, nutrition and mobility
  • We are facing major shifts in global economies, geopolitics and demographics, which have a major impact on manufacturing too
  • New digital technologies drive new ecosystems, business models and operating models

A few leading (new) players in each industry are able to maintain high momentum to navigate the disruption in industry. They unlock a wealth of opportunities to sustainable success, they have fluid, continuous and energising change in their organisation and they continuously push the boundaries beyond business-as-usual. They have adopted winning habits and strategies for high momentum.

Most other players, however, experience an increasing pressure on their performance, have slow and tiresome change and are stuck in business-as-usual. Their main concern is how to navigate the major transformations and disruption in their industry.

Forward-thinking leader in manufacturing;

  • Look for new growth opportunities in a rapidly changing world
  • Are concerned about the changing ecosystems and competitive landscape
  • Believe that building a dynamic, open and  adaptive organisation is mission-critical

If you are such a forward-thinking leader in manufacturing, then Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing is written for you and your teams. It will help  to apply the strategies and approaches to better navigate disruption and be one of the winners in your industry.

Navigate Disruption in Manufacturing
will cover 3 topics:

  • What real disruption is and where it is coming from
  • What holds companies back in thriving during disruption
  • How to navigate disruption and turn it into opportunities

Leading manufacturing companies set themselves apart and have higher momentum, as they;

  • Manage to drive four different types of innovation from the Innovation Momentum Matrix in a differentiated way, all having different challenges, pitfalls and best strategies.
  • Have embedded the 4 Winning Habits in a differentiated way for each type of innovation in the Innovation Momentum Matrix

The different types of change and innovation are;

  • Adaptive and incremental improvements. The challenge is to mobilise everyone in the organisation to continuously develop and improve, without firefighting, symptomfighting or sub-optimisation because siloed behaviour
  • Pushing frontiers with larger scale changes, within common business logic and along common pathways. Here the challenge is to push frontiers through the organisation without resistance or political decision-making
  • Reconfiguring and extending business models with new, unknown elements. Here the challenge is to pursue opportunities and address new threats in an unknown and unpredictable domain.
  • Co-evolution of new solutions and markets, defining new and unknown business logic. Here the challenge is to be in new ecosystems and networks that are the first to recognise or create the dominant emerging solutions of new markets.

Disruption is is the process of a transformation in an industry in which the majority of the established players (incumbents) lose their competitive power and experience stagnating or even declining performance while the disrupting players capture all the benefits of the change and experience steep growth of their performance. Ultimately, (some) stagnating incumbents disappear. The competitive landscape has completely changed with new rules of competition, new dynamics between the players in the industry in which the former outperforms have become the under-performers of even disappeared.

The root cause of disruption is that the majority of the incumbents are not able to defend themselves against emerging business models or technologies brought to the industry by the disruptors. They all are stuck in old, common business logic and are not able to adopt the emerging new business logic. There are several scenarios why incumbents cannot really defend themselves against the change

Leading manufacturers set themselves apart with 4 winning habits (discovery, direction, decision-making and dialogue) which create and maintain momentum for ongoing business innovation throughout the organisation.


They spend more effort in future oriented Discovery, exploring new opportunities and threats beyond business-as-usual


Everyone in their organisation has a clear and compelling Direction for the future and where they are heading


They have distributed   Decision-making and strategizing habits, driven there where the action, information, accountability is


They have more forward looking and constructive Dialogue, driving collaboration for bigger and rapid innovation


Jan van Veen has been in manufacturing for almost 20 years now, predominantly as a consultant. As co-founding partner, he grew an international service management consultancy in 9 years.

He has been working with many medium-sized manufacturers and a dozens of Fortune500 companies in driving growth, profitability and customer loyalty through service innovation.

Jan is executive advisor, author and international speaker. His mission is to accelerate the transition of the manufacturing sector during disruptive periods.


More and more manufacturers are growing their digital services. This requires strong and repeatable business innovation capabilities.

With our community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.

Services innovation enables manufacturers to thrive and solve our global problems.