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Articles about Digitalisation in Manufacturing

These are exciting times in to be in manfacturing. At an increasing speed new digital technologies like connected products, data, algotithms, augmented reality, artifical intelligens and deep learning are maturing and being adopted.

This has a major impact on many business functions in our manufacturing sectors, our clients and their clients. The way we do sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance, recruiting of talent and any other function – is changing. We will see new business models and value propositions emerging.

We hope you enjoy the increasing number of articles below.

Developing digital solutions @ Epiroc

With today’s disruption from Covid and the economic downturn, continuing services innovation is paramount to survive and thrive. Customer needs are changing, and new competition is entering your industry. Some of the critical success factors are service R&D, service product management and sensitivity analysis.

Jess Kindler (Epiroc) and Jan van Veen (moreMomentum) discuss the development of Digital Services at Epiroc.

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