Our accelerator programmes are designed to transform your organization.

Our Momentum Accelerator Programmes

The moreMomentum programmes are designed specifically for leaders in manufacturing industries to build momentum quicker and with less effort, by implementing the 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers in manufacturing.

Traditional methods favoured by most change management strategists encourage incremental changes to your organisation. Our approach is different, reflecting the reality of lasting change. Our accelerator programmes give you everything you need to transform your organisation from the inside out.

Progression through our three Momentum Acclerator Programmes reflect the momentum roadmap and provide a path to real and lasting change. The journey consists of:

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1. Mobilise Programme

By the end of this module: A number of leaders in your organisation are enthusiastic to drive a new movement. They empower their teams to take action on initiatives designed to harness new business opportunities. Executive stakeholders have an interest in the momentum movement and the influence of the momentum leaders has increased thanks to their constructive approach based on shared concern.

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2. Increase Programme

By the end of this module: 30-60% of your organisation have adopted the majority of the Momentum Perspectives and Management Practices. Teams are empowered and collectively take coherent initiatives to improve performance and drive change. Collaboration across departments has increased significantly, leading to results which were hard to achieve before. Your organisation has a strong basis to catch up and outperform the industry.

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3. Sustain Programme

By the end of this module: All entities of your organisation have adopted the Momentum Perspectives and Management Practices. People are proactively exploring trends, their impacts and how to adopt and pursue opportunities. This is not only the job of your small strategy team. Progress and success of initiatives are by far better than close competitors. In many areas, your organisation is shaping the industry and ahead of the game.

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