Job-Aid: Experiment Learning Card

Boost your learning and lean development of for example new processes, services, marketing and sales techniques

We hear more and more about Fail Fast, Learn Fast etcetera. The point is learning from failures is no fun and is relatively slow.

It is much more productive and efficient to setup targeted experiments to test critical assumptions and questions related to the success of your envisioned processes, approaches or services.

This job-aid will help to easily become more goal-oriented in your experiments and boost success quicker in a much more engaging and joyable way.


They spend more effort in future oriented Discovery, exploring new opportunities and threats beyond business-as-usual


Everyone in their organisation has a clear and compelling Direction for the future and where they are heading


They have distributed   Decision-making and strategizing habits, driven there where the action, information, accountability is


They have more forward looking and constructive Dialogue, driving collaboration for bigger and rapid innovation

About the author - Jan van Veen

Jan van Veen has been in manufacturing for almost 20 years now, predominantly as a consultant. As co-founding partner, he grew an international service management consultancy in 9 years.

He has been working with many medium-sized manufacturers and a dozens of Fortune500 companies in driving growth, profitability and customer loyalty through service innovation.

Jan is executive advisor, author and international speaker. His mission is to accelerate the transition of the manufacturing sector during disruptive periods.


Many manufacturers struggle to escape from business-as-usual. They fall behind competition and lose from new entrants in their industries. This is pretty frustrating.

moreMomentum has a methodology that helps manufacturers to transform the way they innovate and change so they will thrive during disruptive change.

Thrive during disruptive change