Challenges for Manufacturing Companies

Most leaders in manufacturing face problems related to their ability to drive innovation and change. Change is too slow, there is a lack of focus and no persistence in initiatives.

4 Winning Habits of Long-lasting Achievers

Our accelerator programmes focus on implementing the 4 winning habits. These 4 habits are fundamental to becoming and staying more successful and making change easier.

Benefits of these Momentum-habits

Long-lasting achievers drive ongoing success through fluid change and pursuing opportunities which transcend business as usual. Momentum provides 4 winning habits to achieve success.

Disrupt or be disrupted - that is the question?

How to thrive in a disruptive industry ...

How to have all employees discover the future

Following our introductory article about the 4 Winning ...

Case Study: Creating a revolution

This company demonstrated success from the 4 Winning Ha ...

How to Empower Employees to Take Ownership and Execute Innovation and Change

Distributed decision-making increases engagement and ow ...

Download the research Report 'Adapt or Die'

Together with 89 companies we discovered the 4 winning habits of the long-lasting achievers in manufacturing. Learn more about these 4 winning habits in our research report 'Adapt or Die'.

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Discover your Momentum for fluid Change and more Success

The Momentum Scorecard benchmarks the momentum in your organization. The results identify your opportunities to increase momentum for continuous change.

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Learn from peers and experts in our Momentum Impulse Sessions

Discuss the main challenges in your organization, the 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers and learn from peers in our Momentum Impulse Sessions.

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What do other professionals say about moreMomentum and its significance for manufacturing companies?

Jan van Veen is currently developing a Momentum Framework. A broad and ambitious project, but Van Veen has the background and insight to be able to deliver what should be highly powerful business tool.

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