Momentum Toolkit

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Overview 4 Winning Habits

We have discovered 4 winning habits of long-lasting achievers, which sets them apart from those which stagnate and fall behind competition.


Having a clear and compelling direction accelerates change. Staff know where the company is heading and why. It touches heart and mind of staff.


Having a constructive and forward-looking dialogue removes conflict or interest and builds confidence to drive change.


Distributed decision-making increases engagement and ownership of employees to act and execute.


Open and forward-looking discovery make an organisation much more adaptive to any new opportunities, challenges and solutions.

Momentum Scorecard

Discover the momentum in your organisation and the opportunities to accelerate business innovation and change

Is your organization ready for continuous business innovation and change?
Do you encounter too much resistance against change?
Or too much complacency?
Does your organisation innovate enough beyond incremental improvements of the status-quo?

7 Steps to Your Momentum Action Plan

Boost Momentum for easier and quicker change in 6 months!

Take a step back and review your company's current momentum for fluid and continuous change.

These practical worksheets will take you through 7 setps to define your Momentum Action Plan for the next 6 months.