Momentum Scorecard

Discover the momentum in your organisation and the opportunities to accelerate business innovation and change

Discover your opportunities to increase momentum

Is your organization ready for continuous business innovation and change?
Do you encounter too much resistance against change?
Or too much complacency?
Does your organisation innovate enough beyond incremental improvements of the status-quo?

The Momentum Scorecard will provide you the insights into your organisation's strengths and opportunities to increase momentum. The scorecard is based on our recent research into the most successful management practices and perspectives.

Long-lasting achievers in manufacturing have moved away from old, common management practices and all apply the 4 winning habits, which drive momentum for continuous and easy business innovation and change.

Discover your readiness for easy and rapid change. An individual scorecard report will be sent to you after completing the Momentum Scorecard.

The 4 Winning Habits

The 4 winning habits the long-lasting achievers apply to drive contiuous and easy business innovation


The organisation has a shared, explicit and compelling view of its mission and future state, which resonates in people's minds and hearts. This compelling direction is of key importance for change and adaptability.


The organisation has a strong practice of ongoing dialogues at and across all levels and functions for defining, aligning, adjusting and executing strategies and managing performance in a sustainable way.

Decision Making

The organisation regularly explores (potential) changes and trends, new threats and opportunities. It prepares adequate measures and strategies to respond to these (potential) changes and trends. Making decisions is key in this.


Everyone is aware of (potential) trends, opportunities and threats and the best practices available. They spend time in exploring, testing and learning. There is more focus on new things which go beyond the current core business, which is imperative for future success.